Musicians for Hire

Hire a musician for your band or to sub on your gig. Having been based in the Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA area since the mid-1990's, The Medler's are part of a vast network of musicians who play a variety of instruments and styles. Also as directors of the Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra, they have hundreds of former students (at varying levels) who are playing music in this area and around the world and would love to further their budding carreers.

The Medler's have experience playing in many styles of music, being both classically trained and holding music degrees with a Jazz Emphasis. Styles include: Jazz, R'n'B, Blues, Classical, Salsa, Various African styles, Broadway, Swing & more.  Having a vast network of music students and collegues, we can help you find someone who matches the level of talent you are looking for.

Remote Recording Services

If you are looking to embellish your album with horns or need a bass player or background vocals, the Medlers can help you out. They can record professional quailty tracks and send them to your engineer. Recoding in: Logic which has successfully communicated with ProTools and Digital Perfomer to date. Instruments offered (without hiring outside musicians):

Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Sousaphone, Flugel Horn

Woodwinds: Alto Flute, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Flute, Penny Whistle, Piccolo, Recorder (soprano or alto), Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone

Vocals: Male or Female

Bass: Acoustic or Electric

Add a Horn Section

Ben & Michelle make a powerful horn section for your recording or a great addition to the horns on your gig! They are well versed in the art of the horn section whether it's a funk band from the 70's or a 30's Dixieland band. Teaching big band music together since 1995, they have an uncanny ability to play tight. Both are strong sightreaders.

Arranging Services / Transcribing

Both Ben & Michelle Medler arrange music and have extensive experience arranging for Jazz Big Bands, Top 40 horn sections, and various ensembles such as the Shanghai Woolies or the Quadraphonnes. Ben's arrangement of M Ward's "One Life Away" can be heard on the 2007 film, "The Go Getter". They have also arranged: commercial music, tunes for Rock & Funk bands, as well as music for broadway styled & classical ensembles. Their extensive arranging work can be heard on albums by Shoo-Wah Records such as: Trombone 8, The Medler Septet, The Shanghai Woolies, Trombone Encounters, Michelle Medler Quartet, The Quadraphonnes, and The Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra. Transcription services are also available.


The Medlers both love the craft of creating new music and can be commissioned to compose music.

Michelle Medler gravitates towards: challenging Jazz tunes, Funky/Bluesy music, ambiant or textural music, any music that has a journey (ala film score), commercial music or avant garde (art music). She is open to composing in all kinds of styles and enjoys the creative process and the challenge of composing within certain boundries. Her compositions can be heard on albums by: The Shanghai Woolies, The Quadraphonnes, Michelle Medler, The Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra and The Medler Septet.

Ben Medler has a passion for Orchestral Jazz Composition and a talent for writing new music that fits a particular genre. His experience singing in choirs while growing up gave him a strong ear and a solid harmonic foundation which has allowed him to compose at a fast pace. He later became obsessed with Jazz Big Bands from all eras. These strong musical influences can be heard in his songs on Shoo-wah records: Trombone 8, The Shanghai Woolies, The Quadraphonnes and more.

Music Lessons

Music Lessons and mentoring available for all levels from brand new beginners to professionals. Both Michelle and Ben are passionate about teaching music, with over 50,000 hours of combined teaching experience. Their experiences include: Private and group lessons since 1995, Directing the Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra since 2001 (which currently has 6 levels of Jazz Bands plus improv classes, composition classes, and more), Teaching in the band program at Wilson High school from 1994-2001, & conducting the Burlingame Band Program.

Both are available to tutor musicians or bands on any instrument in the areas of: Ensemble Playing, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Big Band Playing etc.

As for genreal private tutoring they specialize in the following: Ben Medler: Trombone, Trumpet, Bass (Accoustic or Electric), and Vocals Michelle Medler: Saxophones, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, and Flute

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