Services Offered

Medler Studios offers a variety of musical services including bands for hire for all occasions (weddings, events and more!), hiring musicians for your project, providing a horn section, arranging, composing, transcribing, remote recording, music lessons and classes.

About Hiring Bands

Medler Studios has a network of bands for hire for all occations including weddings and events. We are a part of a large network of musicians and bands across the Pacific NW. Whether you are looking to hire an established band that brings energy and maybe dancing to your occasion or you prefer a small Jazz group to provide ambiance, Medler Studios can help you find the right band.

The prices vary greatly based on: number of musicians in the band, need of sound reinforcement (PA System) and how big this system needs to be, travel expenses (if outside of the Portland-metro area), number extra band rehearsals in certain cases, length of time musicians are needed for performance and sound check, need for requested music that the band will need to learn.

Wedding & Event Music

The Medlers have played for many weddings over the years. Each is unique in a number of ways whether it's the size of the venue, the number of guests, the level of formality, or style of music chosen. Your vision for "your day" is important! Most couples have never hired a band, by listening to your wishes and ideas and infusing them with our experience providing music, we will help you understand what it takes to make your musical vision happen at your big event (within your budget)!

Small Groups

If you are looking for a small Jazz/Funk/Latin group, we can provide a variety of groups. (1-5 musicians). Smaller bands are great for smaller stages or more intimate events. They can be quiet and provide ambiance and some have the ability to turn up and bring out the party! Examples of groups offered:

Michelle Medler Trio / Quartet / Quintet (3-5 musicians) Funk / Jazz / Latin / Swing / Avant Garde

Ben Medler Trio / Quartet / Quintet (3-5 musicians) Jazz / Broadway / Latin / Swing / Funk

Medler Vintage Swing All- Stars (5 musicians) Swing / Jazz

Mystery Seed (6 musicians) Rock / Funk

Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra Combos (3-8 student musicians) Jazz

Large Bands

If you are looking for a band to make an impact on your event, the exciting sounds of a band with a horn section or a Jazz Big Band may be what you want. Jazz/Funk/Latin group. There are many styles of music available that incorporate (5-20 musicians). First of all, what style are you looking for? Do you want the hits played by an R n B/ Blues / Funk band OR are you looking to swing dance to a big band from the 1940's?! Maybe you are looking for a latin salsa band? Examples of groups offered:

Shanghai Woolies (8 musicians) A Headliner band that plays: 1920's-40's flapper era swing music with a modern twist!

The Quadraphonnes (4-8 musicians) A versiltile group that can play as a 4 piece sax quartet for ambient music in classica/ Jazz / Latin / Swing / Funk styles or mixes OR can be a festival head-lining funky band by adding Bass, Drums, Percussion and guitar to the sax quartet. Powerful vocals are best with a 6 piece or more, but some are possible with just the sax quartet

Trombone 8 (11 musicians) Swing / Jazz / Latin / Broadway. 8 Amazing trombones with intricate arrangements! Plus rhythm section!

Medler Big Band (16-20 musicians) Swing / Big Band Jazz / Modern or Old School. This big band can play for swing dancers or do sets dedicated to the big band greats from the 1940's - modern big band sounds (such as Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Band).

Mystery Seed (6 musicians) Mystery Seed is a cosmic cocktail of new music, grown from the seeds of 1970’s rock, funk, Jazz fusion mixed with 90’s metal, hip-hop & beyond. The expansive backgrounds and vast musical interests of its individual members collide to form a new sonic universe. This 6 piece band has 4 multi-instrumentalists, giving a full spectrum of color to their overall blend. Influences include: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jamiroquai, Groove Collective, Miles Davis Electric Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Celia Cruz, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone, The Police, Pink Floyd. Imagine the sounds this mysterious seed will sprout!

Medler Sextet/Septet (6-7 musicians) Modern Jazz / Latin / blues-swing ala Art Blakey etc. 3 horns and a rhythm section inspired by Art Blakey, Charles Mingus, and other innovative Jazz groups of the 1960's and beyond. The 7th member is the percussionist, who adds an extra layer of excitement to the band. This Band can be versitle and incorporate vocals and older style swing or other styles of Jazz, rock or commercial music. A good group for events with many musical needs.

PYJO Big Band (16-25 student musicians) Swing / Big Band Jazz / Modern or Old School. Portland Youth Jazz Orchestra Big Bands operate during different seasons throughout the year. They are most acitve during the school year. In certain seasons, it is difficult to get a full big band filled with students ready to perform at long events. However, we can always include alumni and professionals to make a gig happen at unrehearsed times of the year. Please inquire if you would like a student big band for your event we will discuss the logistics for the given time and event.